Finally an innovative solution for retailers with limited space or high volume roller grill sales. The Dog House by Creative Serving is designed to heat and hold roller grill items at safe serving temperatures. When the grill sells out, simply open the drawer and reload with ready to eat product.

Heavy duty drawer slides with stainless steel rollers for long lasting smooth operation
-Manufactured out of 300 series stainless steel rollers for years of trouble free operation
-Two removable stainless steel pans and lids for easy cleaning
-Two pans prevent flavor transfer between different food product
-Removable false bottoms in the pans keep product elevated out of its juices
-Stacks with Creative Serving’s RR48X with no loss of counter space
-Perfect for use in convenience stores, snack bars, stadiums, virtually any venue where fast food is sold

Electrical Specs:
DH200: 120 volts , 5.83 Amps , 700 Watts

DH200: 30.25″ W x 23.50″ D x 5.00″ H

Owners Manual and Documents

Installation & Operating Instructions

Please call 908-688-0800 ext 232 (Tina) to order replacement parts or email

Thermostat CSP-05-710
Lighted Rocker Switch CSP-05-145
Power Cord CSP-05-116
Heating Element CSP-05-751
Pan CSP-05-692
Pan Insert CSP-04-483
Control Knob CSP-05-238A
Control Knob Cap CSP-05-238B