infinity Heated Merchandisers

Infinity Heated Merchandiser

Creative Serving’s line of Infinity Heated Merchandisers are safe and convenient creating impulse sales by placing fresh product in front of the customers. Infinity Merchandisers hold hot product at peak serving temperature for hours and are perfect for convenience stores, supermarkets, delis, concessions stands, snack bars, kiosks and pizzerias.
Creative Serving’s cutting edge TG Heating System allows the Infinity series to utilize a Stainless Steel serving area while achieving similar heat distribution as aluminum.

Infinite Possibilities

  • A custom backlit canopy for enhanced merchandising and brand awareness.
  • All Models feature digitally controlled heated bases as well as ambient top heat to ensure product is served at optimal serving temperatures.
  • Our removable, aerated serving trays allow better airflow for extended product life in the warmer.
Industry first mirrored back enhances product display while also keeping the heat in the serving area for extended hold times and energy savings.
Safety coated shatter-resistant incandescent lights enhance product display while safe guarding food products from bulb breakage.

18″ Wide Unit




26″ Wide Unit




36″ Wide Unit